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Motortug. SMIT BARBADOS (2) IMO: 9370173 MSDU8 2019-
Build: 2007. Launched: 26-01-2007. Shipyard: Casco: Santierul Naval Damen Galati SA., Galatz, Roemenië, Completed: Damen Shipyards B.V., Gorinchem. Yardnumber: 511526. Design: Damen ASD Tug 2810.
Main Particulairs: 28,75 x 25,79 x 9,80 x - x 4,60 meter, Tonnage: 285GT 88NT
Engine(s): 2x 16 cil. Caterpillar, type 3516B-TA build 2007. Build: 2007. 4930 bhp. = 3626 kW. Rotation: 1600 rpm. Propulsion: Twin Azimuth Stern Drives.
BP: 58,2 ton. Speed: 13,7 Mijl.

00-06-2007 SMIT BARBADOS (2)/Smit Harbour Towage Company B.V., Rotterdam.
07-06-2007 SMIT BARBADOS (2)/Smit Harbour Towage Liverpool Ltd., Liverpool.
01-07-2011 In service: Smit Harbour Towage North West Europe N.V., Antwerpen.
15-06-2016 In service: Kotug-Smit Towage B.V., Rotterdam.
01-08-2019 In service: Kotug-Smit Towage B.V. (Boluda Towage B.V.), Rotterdam As part of: Boluda International SA., Valencia.
01-09-2019 In service: Boluda Towage Europe.

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