D1733-XP64 loco

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D1733-XP64 loco

Post by Deepol » Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:56 pm

Taken into traffic in June 1964 D1733 never received the two tone green livery of the new Brush Type 4s. Instead she received a blue livery and logo to go with the new blue and grey liveried coaching stock XP64 being publicised for the new image of British Railways about to become British Rail.
She later became 47141 and for a time was allocated to Eastfield. She proved to be a very reliable loco and her regular turn was working the Glasgow to Aberdeen Freightliner train.
She is now 47853 and has been restored back to her original D1733 form.
BR publicity shot with the XP64 stock. I remember this ensemble on exhibition at Queen Street.
47141 6S49 dep Berwick.jpg
As 47141 working 6S49 which was/is the Cliffe to Uddingston cement train.
D1733 cab.jpg
Courtesy Mike Redmayne D1733 restored caught at Crewe.
Paul Strathdee

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