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Tanker SPYROS NIARCHOS undergoing trials on the Clyde from a still from Seawards The Great Ships. Until I was more informed, I always assumed she was a Clyde built ship. Featuring in a lot of books and magazines at the time because of her stylish looks she was actually built by Vickers Armstrongs at Barrow and ran her trials on the Clyde in May 1956 or so about 2-3 years before Seawards was put together.
At 50000dwt she was a supertanker of the time and I'm sure was the world's largest for a while.
Named after Stavros Niarchos' son she remained with the Niarchos fleet until 1977 when she was broken up at Kaohsiung arriving there on 21st February.
Spyros Niarchos, unlike the ship is still with us.
From Seawards The Great Ships.
Spyros Niarchos-02.jpg
Classic trials photo
She later gained a black hull but still retained her looks seen here in this photo taken at Durban by Trevor Jones in Chris Howell's collection.
Paul Strathdee

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