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Post by Henk » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:20 pm

2007 - 2007
Adsteam Humber Ltd. (Adsteam Marine Ltd.) - Grimsby
Launched 04-10-1990; delivered December 1990 by MLM MacTay Marine - Bromborough. (90)
30,58 x 28,50 11,50 x 4,28 x 3,40/5,60 m.
364 grt
Lloyds Register 8919178
2x 4SA Ruston type 6RK.270M, 270x305 each connected to a Voith Schneider propeller type 32G-11/200; 2x Volvo type TMD.102A each connected to a generator 80 kW/415 V/50 Hz and hydraulic pump for th towing winch; FiFi with 2 monitors on top of the wheelhouse with pumps 20 m3/min. hight 45 m over 150 m.
4.800 bhp
12,7 knots
52,6 tons BP
In the fleet 15-03-2007 brought in by Adsteam
Sold 03-09-2007 renamed SVITZER LACEBY by Svitzer Humber Ltd. (Svitzer A/S) - Grimsby

01-01-1996 brought in by Medway Towage with Howard Smith (Humber) Ltd.- Grimsby.
In December 2005 renamed from LADY ANYA by Howard Smith (Humber) Ltd.- Grimsby.
In October 2017 renamed BSV FRANTA by Black Sea Services Srl - Constanta

Photo's: Ken Smith
ADSTEAM LACEBY.2 @Ken Smith.jpg
ADSTEAM LACEBY.1 @Ken Smith.jpg
Henk de Winde

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Post by j.haver » Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:18 pm

Svitzer Laceby as BSV Franta ready for tow by former Svitzer Funchal to Romania @ Lisbon;
SVITZER LACEBY as BSV FRANTA_2017_Sonia Carcalho_a.jpg
photo Sonia Carvalho
SVITZER LACEBY as BSV FRANTA_2017_Sonia Carcalho_b.jpg
photo Sonia Carvalho
SVITZER LACEBY as BSV FRANTA towed by ex Svitzer Funchal from Lisboa to Romania_2017_Sonia Carcalho_c.jpg
photo Sonia Carvalho

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