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Post by Henk » Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:58 pm

2007 - 2015
Svitzer Australia Pty.Ltd. (Svitzer Australasia) - Brisbane; in 2006 Sydney
Delivered December 1973 by Jurong Shipyard Ltd.- Singapore (76)
32,42 x 30,99 x 9,78 x 4,20 x 4,75 ((after 2006, 4,96) m
290 brt; 126 gwt
2x 4SA V12 cylinder Klöckner/Humboldt/Deutz type RSBA.12M.528, 220x280 each connected to a Voith Schneider propeller type 28/185; 2x 4SA 4 cylinder Caterpillar type 3304TA each connected to a generator 60 kW/400 V/50 Hz; towing winch aft with 100 tons brake
2.800 bhp; 2.060 kW
36 tons BP ahaid and 30 tons in reverse
15-03-2007 brought in by Adsteam
In March 2015 as BALLINA to PMCS - Suva

Build as PSA VICTORY for Singapore Port Authority.
In October 1994 renamed BALLINA by BHP Transport & Logistics Pty.Ltd. - Sydney.
In 1995 to Hunter Towage Services Ltd. (Adsteam Marine Ltd.). - Sydney.
In June 1999 to Waratah Towage Pty.Ltd. - Sydney.
In 2003 to Adsteam Queensland Pty.Ltd. - Brisbane.
In 2004 totally rebuild.
In January 2006 to Adsteam Harbour Pte.Ltd. - Sydney.

Photo 1: Andre Kempe; seen as PSA VICTORY
Photo 2: John Wood
PSA VICTORY ©Andre Kempe.jpg
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Post by TonyAllard » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:23 pm

Here are some pics of the tug Ballina tied up at the port terminal berth. the crew are on board standing by as floods damage the berth where she normally is.

The Burnett river in Bundaberg Queensland Australia is flooding with three lives lost as of today.

it is the biggest flood in history the river has peaked at 9.52 meters. we have had very very heavy rain from ex tropical cyclone Oswald and all the river right inland has flooded including the coast we the Ballina is due to the monsoonal rain, widespread damage has occurred and Bundaberg is now declared a disaster zone with 2000+ homes under water.

Sorry i couldn't take better pictures as the Ballina was in a position where i could not possibly take a better pic.
it is not possible to get in a boat to get a better pic as debris and the river is flowing at around 30 knots.
it has eased over the past few hours but will be days till the water drops to normal.
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Post by TonyAllard » Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:57 am

another pic of Ballina.
there is a short video of the Ballina heading astern to make the towing connection to the New Everest.
Picture 003mod.jpg
Ballina with Riverwijs Olivia at the tug berth at Port of Bundaberg.
Picture 007mod.jpg
Ballina about to make fast to the cargo vessel New Everest (not pictured)

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Post by TonyAllard » Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:16 pm

i have done some research, the Ballina did its last job a few weeks ago in Port Alma, and headed down to Brisbane, she is no longer working or based in Bundaberg now.
she is currently laid up in Brisbane and on the 30th October she had her LR class declassed,

oh did not mention that she is up for sale. ... ?id=382720
she is going for AUD $575,000.


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