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User Passwords

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:48 am
by mcmahos
Just a reminder to everyone to try and use strong passwords for you login - and that's true for all websites you use that require logins. I've seen reports elsewhere of increased attempts of spam sites trying to login to phpbb-based sites by guessing/breaking existing user accounts. So far, this has not happened on ClydeMaritime and nothing has been compromised.

For new users, I've added the requirement that passwords MUST contain letters and numbers. This won't affect existing users, but if you don't have an alphanumeric password then it would be recommended to change it, and possibly include symbols as well, for example using the @ symbol in place of an 'a' or the ! (exclamation) in place of the number 1.

Also, I do not know what users passwords are - they are stored securely within the system database. I can reset them though. If you forget your password, please try ticking the 'forgotten password' link first and you should receive an email containing it.