Striking video of the collision in Singapore Strait

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Striking video of the collision in Singapore Strait

Post by _on_the_clyde_ » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:36 am

Turkish bulk carrier Beks Halil collided with unidentified cargo vessel, general cargo or bulk carrier, in Singapore Strait, the exact date and time are unknown, most probably on Mar 3 or 4. Beks Halil was obviously overrunning the smaller vessel, but at a very close distance, dangerously close (most probably because bulk carrier couldn’t take more to the left because of the opposite traffic). To make things worse, the smaller vessel suddenly started to turn left, it seems like the watch woke up, paniced and reacted by sheer instinct to do something. Video was taken by the crew of nearby vessel and published by YouTube. Nobody luckily, was injured, except of course the vessels, both should suffer damages to some extent. Turkish vessel is not without its’ share of guilt, too – vessel should reduce her speed until receiving confirmation from the smaller vessel that they monitor the situation and will keep on straight course to let the bigger vessel pass by.
Bulk carrier Beks Halil, IMO 9625798, dwt 57700, built 2011, flag Marshall Islands, manager BEKS GEMI ISLETMECILIGI VE TIC.
The collision took place either on Mar 1 or 2, it’s still not clear, some 2 miles south of Sister Islands, Singapore Strait. The smaller vessel was Vietnamese general cargo vessel Thuan My, which expectedly, suffered some significant damage and was anchored on Singapore road for inspection and most probably, repairs. Turkish vessel went off with some light damages and resumed voyage. Media are citing MPA Singapore, but MPA didn’t bother itself with publishing the news on its’ website, maybe considering the accident too trivial to be mentioned?
General cargo vessel Thuan My, IMO 9016181, dwt 6868, built 1990, flag Vietnam, manager HAI MINH TRADING PRODUCTION.


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Re: Striking video of the collision in Singapore Strait

Post by TonyAllard » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:01 am

interesting video. :thumbup:

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Re: Striking video of the collision in Singapore Strait

Post by Deepol » Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:05 pm

Can't believe they turned into the other ship. :o
Paul Strathdee

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