British Confidence

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Colin Campbell
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British Confidence

Post by Colin Campbell » Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:49 pm

This view from April 1965 shows British Confidence at the Stobcross Crane in Glasgow.She was built by John Browns Clydebank.Across the river working at berth 65 Plantation Quay is Blue Funnels IXION with GLADSTONE STAR ahead at berth 73 then Donaldson Lines SANTONA completing the view. None of your Pacific and Atlantic Quays here!!!
British Confidence

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Angus Mac Kinnon
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Re: British Confidence

Post by Angus Mac Kinnon » Mon Dec 26, 2011 7:35 pm

Aye, Colin, that was just before the whole scene started to change forevermore. I went off to sea in 1964 and was away for 12 months on that first appointment (S.S. British Power). By the time I came back yards were shutting down one after another, shipping companies were downsizing, selling or scrapping perfectly good fleets, Japan was gradually taking over shipbuilding, pre-Korea days, and the well-known and loved names of shipowners were disappearing - just like the proverbial 'snaw aff a dyke'.

Evocative picture and, for anyone who was not around at that time, the Clyde was often home to them all - Blue Funnel, Blue Star, Donaldson, Clan Line, Ben Line, City Line, NZSC, Reardon Smith, Lowland Tankers, BPTC, Shell, Bowring, Houlder, Lamport & Holt, British India, Hogarth, Strick, Salvesen, T & J Harrison, Paddy Henderson, Elder Dempster, Nourse, Brocklebank, Port Line, Hain, Watts, Watts & Coy, P & O, Union Castle, Moss Hutchinson, Shaw, Savill & Albion, Prince Line, Elders & Fyffes, Federal S.N.C. Ltd, PSNC, J & J Denholm, and so many others, not forgetting the innumerable fleet of coasters, dredgers, ferries and Admiralty vessels of every type and size.

How quickly it all changed .. beggars belief when you recall the size of the industry at the time your photograph was taken.
Angus Mac Kinnon

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