SUNDA: 1952 John Brown, Clydebank.

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SUNDA: 1952 John Brown, Clydebank.

Post by Deepol » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:04 am

Named after the South part of the Malay Peninsula she was launched at Clydebank on June 11th 1952 for P&O being delivered in October.
In 1968 she became the unimaginative PANDO STRAIT and as that arrived at Inverkeithing on June 25th 1972 for breaking up at Ward's.
Card of her big day at Clydebank
Looking good in P&O colours. Chris Howell collection/Melliar.
Forlorn at Inverkeithing as Pando Strait under the torch in August 1972.
Paul Strathdee

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