XANTHO of 1848

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XANTHO of 1848

Post by yorkieman » Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:17 am

This one is listed twice in the d/base, as Wm Denny 22 and Alex Denny 11 with only brief details.

From the d/base by Thomas 'A-Z List of Steamships 1835-1875' the following can be added

ON 7802
1848 by Denny
106.8 x 16.8 x 8.4ft, from 1859 114.8 x 17.8 x 8.4, from 1872 116.3 x 18 x 8ft
Gross 110, net 66
Steam engine, no details but 60hp

1848 Anstruther & Leith Steam Shipping Company .... presumably in service on east coast Scotland / Forth
1860 S. Bailey & others
1860 Wm. Spong, Scarborough
1864 J.Anderson and others, Wick
1871 C.E.Broadhurst, Perth WA

and have received an enquiry from Western Australia Museum who say she was lost at Port Gregory in 1872, they also have salvaged her engine described as
"a horizontal Trunk engine built by John Penn and Son for British gun boats that served in the Crimean war"
and there is an offer of photos of the same
The enquirer also states
"It was converted to screw driven propulsion in 1871 by a guy called Robert Stewart who was a metal merchant operating out of Glasgow"
"In respect to Robert Stewart I feel that he seemed to have sea knowledge and am considering the possibility that his Father may have been Captain Duncan Stewart an experienced sea Captain who died in 1877. It is know that he had three sons one of which was know as Bob. I am thinking these may be the same Stewarts."
He also suggests that XANTHO might be of a similar design to the Loch Katrine ROB ROY of 1855 and wonders if better photos or drawings of that vessel (assuming none are available for XANTHO) would help them in exploring the XANTHO wreck.
I have given him the links to the Clyde pages but can do no more, can anyone add to this story?
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