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W C Teagle

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:00 pm
by mcmahos
Hi there

Had a following request emailed tonight:

Could you tell me if there is any remaining information on the W.C. Teagle of her journeys before being sank by a uboat in October 1941?

My Grandfather was an Army Gunner on board the Teagle and as he was not in the merchant navy was not on their records, although it does state two army gunners where on board.

I would like to find any information about the Teagle, her journery to Aruba and onto Nova Scotia, lists that include the gunners - basically anything!! As the Teagle had not transfered to Lloyds she had no ship no. and thus info via Kew etc is sparce. If you dont know anything but could pass me onto someone that does that would be great too!!

Many Thanks,
Julie Brierley

W. C. Teagle of 1917 - O.N. 215284

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:14 am
by Angus Mac Kinnon
The loss of the Tanker W. C. TEAGLE on 16th October 1941 from U-Boat attack by U-558

The tanker W.C. Teagle was built by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation at their Sparrows Point shipyard, Maryland, USA, in 1917, their Yard Number 159. She was 10,678 GRT, 16,080 DWT, 157 feet in length x 21 feet beam. Propulsion was by means of a triple-expansion steam reciprocating engine rated at 3,000 IHP, driving twin propeller screwshafts. Steam was supplied by three Scotch Boilers. This gave the vessel a normal speed of about 9.5 knots. Her name was in deference to one of the most senior management of her Owners, Walter Clark Teagle, who more or less founded Standard Oil.

Originally an American vessel, her various subsequent changes are summarised as follows :

1917 : Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Bayonne, USA)
1927 : Standard Shipping Company Inc. (Wilmington, USA)
1935 : Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Wilmington, USA)
1940 : Panama Transport Company (Panama)
1941 : Panama Transport Company (London, U.K.)

W.C. Teagle sailed from Baltimore for her loading port in Aruba during September 1941. On board, she carried a British crew of 42 Officers and men, plus a British Armed Guard of 1 x Navy Rating and 2 x Army Gunners.

At Aruba, she loaded 96,595 barrels of fuel oil for transportation to the United Kingdom (Swansea). She made a brief stop at Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia, then on 5th October 1941 started her Atlantic crossing as part of a large convoy of Allied vessels.

Late in the evening of Thursday 16th of October 1941, whilst forming part of the Allied Convoy SC 48, the W.C. Teagle was torpedoed by the Type VII C German submarine U-558, under the command of Kapitanleutnant zur See, Gunther Krech. In this action, U-558 on her 4th of 10 war patrols, expended all her torpedoes, sinking a Norwegian tanker, a Norwegian freighter and and the escort corvette HMS Gladiolus, as well as the large tanker W.C. Teagle. The latter vessel was lost some 600 miles West of Rockall in position 57" North, 27" West. The attack is reported as having come from her starboard quarter.

Of the complement under Captain Harold Redvers Barlow, 44 officers and men, all perished with the exception of Radio Operator Norman D. Houston. 9 survivors who were picked up by the Destroyer HMS Broadwater, Pennant H 81, were lost the following night when that Destroyer was herself sunk.


Barlow, Harold Redvers, Master, 41
Bowen, George Dryden, Greaser, 29
Brett, Ronald Leslie, 3rd Radio Operator, 20
Burt, Peter, Greaser, 44
Cooper, Maynard Bertie, Able Seaman, 26
Cummins, Edward Theddius, Greaser, 41
Davis, William, Assistant Steward
Dawson, James Robert, 2nd Officer, 29
Furby, Samuel Michael, Fireman, 46
Guy, John, Able Seaman, 22
Harvey, William Henry, Fireman, 20
Hawkridge, James Thomas, Able Seaman, 18
Holmes, Stephen, Chief Cook, 57
Hoopy, George, Able Seaman, 21
Horobin, Dean, 4th Engineer Officer, 28
Houston, Norman D., Radio Operator (Only Survivor)
Kelso, Edmund Stuart, Chief Officer, 23
Lee, Henry, Able Seaman, 36
Lyons, Anthony Emmanuel, 2nd Radio Operator, 20
MacDonald, Roderick, Boatswain (Bosun), 46
Mayo, George, Able Seaman
McIntyre, Andrew Gilcrist, Fireman, 23
McMaster, Jack, RN Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)
McMillan, Robert Andrew, Greaser, 27
Newton, Thomas George, Greaser, 31
Page, Richard Amos, Able Seaman, 21
Phillips, James Robert, Pumpman, 28
Quinlan, J., Assistant Steward, 51
Roe, Robert Charles, Ordinary Seaman, 17
Shearer, William, Donkeyman, 55
Sinclair, Angus Shaw, Assistant Cook, 24
Skerry, William Douglas, Able Seaman, 28
Smith, Edward Ivan McCullagh, Chief Engineer Officer, 37
Sweeney, Michael, Fireman, 38
Thomas, Stanley Llewellyn, Chief Steward, 51
Thomson, James, Cabin Boy, 17
Thomson, John, Greaser, 37
Trussell, Ronald, Deck Boy, 17
Walsh, John Benedict, 3rd Engineer Officer, 35
Winslade, Frederick, Able Seaman, 43
Wright, James Walter, 2nd Engineer Officer, 33

The U-Boat that sank the Tanker W.C. TEAGLE

U-558, was commissioned in February 1941 and throughout her 10 war patrols from 1st June 1941 through until 20th July 1943, the submarine accounted for the following Allied losses :

21 ships sunk amounting to 121,783 tons
1 ship damaged
1 Corvette - Displacement 925 tons
1 Anti-Submarine - Displacement 913 tons

Her 10th and final war patrol started on 8th May 1943 when she sailed from Brest to proceed into the Atlantic for operation in the Central and North Atlantic regions.

On 15th July 1943, the submarine was attacked by a Wellington aircraft of 179 Squadron, off Cape Roca. The aircraft was driven off and the submarine dived and made good her escape.

On the 17th July 1943 she was attacked again, this time by a Liberator of 224 Squadron, and this time she sustained some damage.

On the 20th July 1943, her last day, the homeward-bound submarine was sunk, in a position NNW of Cape Ortegal, after depth-charge attacks by a Liberator of 19 Squadron (USAF) and a Halifax of 58 Squadron, which also straffed the U-Boat. Of her crew complement of 49, 45 were lost in the action, and the four survivors - the Commander, Chief Engineer, and two ratings, who got clear in a dinghy. They were later picked up by the Canadian Destroyer HMCS Athabascan.

Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:21 am
by mcmahos
Excellent, Angus. Thank you.


Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:36 pm
by Angus Mac Kinnon
Hope it serves the purpose. Here is a little more information :

The wartime life of the W.C. Teagle was not long -just about two years-but in that time she carried 2,250,000 barrels of crude oil and over 800,000 barrels of fuel oil.

In 1939, 5 voyages, transporting 521,284 barrels of oil
In 1940, 9 voyages, transporting 900,798 barrels of oil
In 1941, 16 voyages, transporting 1,653,240 barrels of oil

Most of her voyages delivering the foregoing 30 cargoes entailed passages mostly from Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean areas to the United States coast ports, plus one voyage fromLas Piedras to Southampton, one from Cartegena to Le Havre, and one from Aruba to Cristobal, Canal Zone.

During her wartime service she was on an unusual mission, that of dragging an anchor to deepen the channel across the
Maturin Bar, at the mouth of the San Juan River in the Gulf of Paria, Venezuela. In performing this task, the vessel steamed back and forth, day and night, for 12 days, in the latter part of October, 1940, making a total of 94 trips.

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:41 pm
by Robert
Excellent nothing!
A Mac is just a blinking wizard.

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:51 pm
by Angus Mac Kinnon
Alba wrote:Excellent nothing!
A Mac is just a blinking wizard.

No, he's not, he just stumbles around the net, books, etc., until he finds what he's looking for - making plagiarism seem like some new art form. :oops:

Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:42 pm
by jue
Thanks Angus,

You have given me a bit more info than that I already had on where the Teagle had been.

My issue is that the crew list does not include my Grandfathers name - Ernest Hall as he was an army Gunner and only Naval Crew are listed. I know he was on the Teagle, there must be info somewhere that states officially that he wa on board. Also I would love to find out when he actually boarded the Teagle, we where under the impression for years (and i dont know why) that the first time he boarded was at Nova Scotia, however I dont think this is the case, he must of gone to Arubu.

can I find this out???

The info is available somewhere, a gent from Southhampton ex naval who sold books assisted my father along with chalky white now deceased. We dont know where they found the info on my Grandad, it isnt on his service records.

Thanks thus far!!! Julie

Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:17 pm
by Angus Mac Kinnon
Evening, Julie :

Not sure that this will be of help to you, but a check on the Commonwealth War Graves Memorials has numerous under the name of Ernest Hall, but only one of these is close to your criteria :

Ernest Hall
Service Number 1809061
Aged 32 years
Royal Artillery - Maritime Regiment
Date of Death shown - 15th October 1941
Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Panel 61 / Column 2
Parents : William and Mary E. Hall
Spouse : Ellen Hall of Whitworth, Lancashire

There are others on this site who are more clued up than me with regard to sourcing crew-lists, I'm afraid I don't think I can contribute anything further. Are you within the UK or overseas?

Hope you get further in your quest,


Angus Mac Kinnon

Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:54 pm
by Hugh
Not sure if you are still following this thread but from my files...

HALL, Gunner, ERNEST, 1809061, 1/1 Maritime Regt., Royal Artillery. (SS W.C. Teagle) 15 October 1941. Age 32. Son of William and Mary E. Hall; husband of Ellen Hall, of Whitworth, Lancashire. Panel 61, Column 2.

The other Maritime Royal Artillery gunner that was lost was

HATFIELD, Gunner, ARTHUR, 1809030, 1/1 Maritime Regt., Royal Artillery. (SS W.C. Teagle) 15 October 1941. Panel 61, Column 2.

When you say you have a crew list, can you tell me where you got it and what the file number is please?

Hugh - W C Teagle

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:56 pm
by Angus Mac Kinnon
Evening, Hugh :

The lady who raised the enquiry in the first instance (Julie Brierley) last March through Webmaster, Stuart McMahon, has not been back in touch so I assume that was as far as we were going to proceed with her enquiry. However, I note you have now managed to identify the two Gunners and some of their details - well done.

Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:43 pm
by mcmahos
You could send a Private Message to Julie. She joined the forum and has a message at #7 in this thread.


Re: W C Teagle

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:12 pm
by Angus Mac Kinnon
mcmahos wrote:You could send a Private Message to Julie. She joined the forum and has a message at #7 in this thread.


Confirm having just sent her a message on her e-mail address requesting her to check the forum for Hugh's update - Angus