Plover 1937 HMS - Coastal Minelayer

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Plover 1937 HMS - Coastal Minelayer

Post by Woody » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:24 pm

HMS Plover
Coastal Minelayer - M36, N.36
Laid down 7/10/1936 and launched by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton, Yard No 1302, on 8/6/1937. Sold 26/2/1969 and broken up at Inverkeithing.
805t standard; 1020t deep load
195ft 3in oa x 37ft 6in x 10ft mean deep load
2 shaft VTE, oil, 1400ihp giving 14.75 knots
1 x 3in HA mounted aft, 1 x 20mm, and 80-100 mines
Crew 69

Plover was designed to undertake both mining trials, and the leading of the other coastal minelayers. She was not suitable for operating in deep waters.
Completed in September 1937 and deployed as Tender to HMS Vernon at Portsmouth
September 1939 deployed in the Firth of Forth for a minelay off Bass Rock and then transferred to the Dover Straits for the laying of the Dover Barrage
November 1939 to Rosyth for Firth of Forth minelaying
January 1940 to Portsmouth
June 1940 commenced minelaying for the East Coast Barrier
December 1940 Refit at Humber Yard
16/1/1941 sailed for Plymouth to lay anti-submarine field in St Georges Channel
April 1941 back to laying East Coast Barrier
July 1941 to Portsmouth for minelaying trials
February 1942 in a collision in the Dover Straits with serious damage
11/3/1942 East Coast Barrier
May 1943 deployed in NW approaches
June 1943 to Portsmouth for minelaying trials
April 1944 minelaying in support of the Normandy landings off the Dutch coast
August 1944 laid anti-submarine minefields in the English Channel
27/10/1944 commenced the laying of anti-submarine minefields in the SW Approaches
3/1/1945 transferred to Portsmouth for minelaying in the Channel
April 1945 back to the SW Approaches
May 1945 to Portsmouth as Tender to HMS Vernon for trials work. She was credited with laying over 15,000 mines in WWII.
She served at HMS Vernon and HMS Lochinvar until 1968

Battle Honours: NORMANDY 1944
C1 Plover strbd bow.JPG
Plover as completed
C2 Plover port bow 24-9-1937.JPG
C3 Plover N26 underway strbd bow 1963.jpg

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Re: Plover 1937 HMS - Coastal Minelayer

Post by E28 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:41 pm

Plover became the only Coastal Minelayer ever built as such for the RN, her motto being 'Do Not Touch Me', most prophetic.

Launched 8th June 1937 by Lady Muriel. E. Wake-Walker, wife of Captain William. F. Wake-Walker. R.N., Director of Torpedoes & Mining at the Admiralty.

In 1941 Wake-Walker was Rear Admiral Commanding the 1st Cruiser Squadron, flag HMS Norfolk, and duly awarded a C.B.E. for his actions during the hunt for and subsequent sinking of the Bismarck, 27th May 1941.

During her extensive wartime service Plover carried out 165 minelays of 15,327 mines in total, each comprising approx 80 mines, her designed complement dependent on type.

A truly remarkable achievement and a much admired ship by all. Once paid off was replaced by new build Abdiel.
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Thats all folks. Sean. E28

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