Oregon 1883 HMS - Armed Merchant Cruiser

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Oregon 1883 HMS - Armed Merchant Cruiser

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HMS Oregon
Armed Merchant Cruiser
Launched by John Elder & Co Govan, Yard No: 274, on 23/6/1883 as an iron Passenger/cargo ship for the Liverpool & Great Western Steamship Company (Guion Line) Liverpool. Sunk 14/3/1886 in a collision, New York Bay.
7375 grt
501ft x 54ft
single screw, Steam compound direct acting, inverted engines, 13,500ihp, plus sail, and a speed of 18 knots
5in guns were fitted and fired without any strain on the structure.

6/10/1883 maiden voyage from Liverpool; to Cobh and on to New York
May 1964 sold Cunard SS Co.
1885 she became the first Atlantic liner to be commissioned as a Man-of-War due to the possibility of war with Russia and served for just six months before being returned to service in the November of that year. She was as large as any battleship at the time
Her Mizzen mast was fitted with semaphore and a hundred cabins were destroyed to provide coal bunkers as armour for the engines. The decks were strengthened for guns and magazines were fitted.
14/3/1886 collided with the wooden schooner Charles H. Morse in New York Bay. She sank almost immediately and all of her complement of nearly 900 passengers and crew were picked up by the North German Lloyd liner Fulda.

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