Alacrity 1944 HMS - Sloop

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Alacrity 1944 HMS - Sloop

Post by Woody » Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:58 am

HMS Alacrity
Sloop, Modified Black Swan Class - U.60, F.60
Laid down 5/4/1943 and launched by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton, Yard No 1375, on 1/9/1944. Arrived at W.H. Arnott, Young & Co Ltd Dalmuir 15/9/1956 for BU, but her hull was towed to Troon for final demolition in the November.
1350-1490t standard; 1880-1950t deep load
299ft 6in oa x 38ft 6in x 11ft 6in mean deep load
2 shaft Parsons Geared turbines, 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 4300shp giving 19.75 knots
Denny Brown stabilisers
6 x 4in/45 QF Mk XVI HA (3 x 2), 2 x twin Bofors, and 2 x 20mm AA guns (2 x 1)
Crew 192

Completed 13/4/1945 and commenced a prolonged work up at Tobermory due to teething problems and defects
19/6/45 sailed for the Far East having completed her post work up repairs. Delayed by exercises and repairs at Malta and arrived at Colombo after the war had ended
19/9/1945 arrived at Hong Kong and then operated off the Chinese Coast and as Guardship at Shanghai
November 1945 joined the 32 Escort Flotilla based at Hong Kong
February 1946 to Aukland NZ for refit
June 1946 joined the 1st Escort Force BPF as Senior Officer’s Ship at Hong Kong after refit as F.60
1948 redesignated 1st Escort Flotilla
May 1949 redesignated 3rd Frigate Flotilla
June 1950 prepared for War Service with the Commonwealth Naval Force, Korea and operated off the West Coast
August 1952 left Hong Kong to return to the UK via Singapore and Malta
September 1952 boarded the Athelduke due to reports of Mutiny and escorted her to Gibraltar
October 1952 Paid off at Portsmouth and Reduced to Reserves
1953 Reserve at Lisahally
1956 Disposal List and sold to BISCO

Battle Honours: KOREA 1950-52
C1 Alacrity U60 at 12-4-1945.jpg
Alacrity 12/4/1945 as completed
C2 Alacrity U60 moored.jpg
C3 Alacrity F60 underway strbd bow pay off.jpg

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Re: Alacrity 1944 HMS - Sloop

Post by Woody » Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:58 pm

Birthday Image
C4 Alacrity April 1945 IWM FL 990.jpg
Alacrity as built in 1945
IWM FL 990

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