Dinard 1924 HMHS - Hospital Carrier

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Dinard 1924 HMHS - Hospital Carrier

Post by Woody » Wed May 02, 2012 10:38 am

HMHS Dinard
Hospital Carrier No 28
Hospital Ship
Launched by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton, Yard No 1164, on 2/5/1924 as a Passenger Vessel for the Southern Railway Company. Arrived at Helsinki for BU 16/10/1973. 1766 grt
325ft x 43ft 6in x 12ft 6in
Twin shaft, 4 steam geared turbines, 5200shp giving 19 knots
221 casualties
59 Medical staff
Crew 79

Completed in July 1924
2/10/1939 requisitioned for fitting out as a Military Hospital Carrier at Southampton
12/11/1939 was sent to Cherbourg and remained there on standby
23/2/1940 carried 229 casualties from Dieppe to Newhaven
28/5/1940 berthed at Dunkirk and embarked 271 casualties for Newhaven. The following day she was near missed by two torpedoes, one passing ahead and the other astern. A destroyer also brushed her side during the night
30/5/1940 returned to Dunkirk she only managed to get off 90 patients before the falling tide caused her to back off out of the harbour. She returned two days later to find no more casualties to be repatriated
17/8/1940 transferred to Preston
1/4/1941 she was lent to the RN and transferred to Loch Ewe to supplement the Medical Facilities there.
10/3/1942 transferred patients from Scapa to Aberdeen where she underwent some modifications She then continued the Scapa-Aberdeen run, running aground twice.
Refit on the Clyde including the addition of an operating theatre and powered davits
7/4/1943 dragged her anchor in the Gourack Roads and was slightly damaged when she hit the Maid of Oreleans
25/6/1943 left the Clyde, with six water ambulances on board, for the Mediterranean and a busy time with Operations Husky, Avalanche and Shingle. She arrived back at Southampton on 20/4/1944 having sailed over 30,000 miles, visiting 30 ports and dealing with 7,577 patients
7/6/1944 sailed for Normandy, after a refit and repair of damage hitting a landing craft, she did not keep to the swept channels and hit a mine. HMS Switha took off her medical personnel and she was eventually towed back to Southampton for repairs.
19/7/1944 took off her first casualties, 236, from Juno beachhead, followed by frequent crossings
13/8/1944 ordered to Cherbourg
6/9/1944 first visit to the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches
16/9/1944 first hospital ship to enter Dieppe. By the end of the year she had completed 37 trips carrying 6,709 patients
1-2/1945 ran a shuttle service between Cherbourg and Southampton
14/3/1945 arrived at Dover to transfer US casualties from Boulogne to the New Bedford
23/5/1945 arrived back at Southampton after 5½ years as a Hospital Carrier
October 1945, after a refit took up trooping duties
1/7/1947 completed a refit and conversion to car ferry for the Boulogne route.
1953 modified to allow cars to drive on as opposed to being crane loaded
1958 sold to Viking Line and renamed VIKING
1970 withdrawn

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C1 Dinard at Newhaven - Rouen astern.jpg
HMHS Dinard at Newhaven
Rouen astern
C2 Dinnard off Greenock.jpg
off Greenock
Dinard Loch Ewe 5-3-1941.JPG
5/3/1941 as Hospital Ship in Loch Ewe

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Re: Dinard 1924 HMHS - Hospital Carrier

Post by Sarahm » Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:49 pm

Hi, I know this is a very old post, but I’m looking for photos of the Dinard that I could use in a book I’m writing about my grandfather in WW2, I wondered whether I could possibly buy a copy of these pictures?

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