Lowestoft 1960 HMS - Frigate

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Lowestoft 1960 HMS - Frigate

Post by Woody » Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:27 pm

HMS Lowestoft
Frigate Rothesay Class - F.103
Laid down 9/6/1958 and launched by Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow, Yard No 666, on 23/6/1960. Sunk as a target 8/6/1986
2150t normal; 2560t deep load
370ft oa x 41ft x 17ft max
2-shaft, geared steam turbines, 2 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 30,000shp giving 29knots
2 x 4.5in/45 Mk 6 DP (1 x 2), 2 x 40mm STAAG Mk 2 (1 x 2), and 2 x Limbo Mk 10
Crew 200-235

18/10/1961 commissioned at Linthouse
March 1962 joined the 5th FS Home/Mediterranean
March 1963 recommissioned
August 1963 joined the 23rd Escort Group in the Mediterranean
22/5/1964 arrived back at Chatham
July 1964 rejoined the 23rd EG at Portsmouth
4/9/1964 present at the opening of the Firth Road bridge and collided with HMS Lion in thick fog while leaving, damaging her bows
September 1965 left for the Far East via the Med
August 1966 left Chatham for the Med
29/8/1967-29/5/1970 reconstruction at Chatham
12/1/1971 left Chatham to join NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic until 19/4/1971
15/6/1971 left Portsmouth for a 5 month deployment to West Indies and USA
April-November 1972 3rd FS Far East
January 1973 Fishery Protection off Iceland
16/1/1973 returned to Chatham for repairs
February 1973 to the Mediterranean
30/4-19/10/1973 refit at Gibraltar
September 1974-June 1975 to Indian Ocean, Far East and South America
18/12/1975 left Rosyth for Icelandic waters
18/2/1976 in collision with the Icelandic gunboat Thor and returned to Portsmouth for repairs
4/7/1976 Naval Review at New York for Bicentennial Celebrations
11/10/1976-September 1977 Major Refit at Portsmouth for Towed Array Trials
October - December 1978 Refit at Falmouth ( Labour dispute at Portsmouth)
June 1982 completed short refit at Portsmouth before joining 7th FS
August 1983 short refit at South Shields
November 1984 Refit
8/6/1986 sunk as a target by a Mk24 Tigerfish torpedo fired from the nuclear submarine Conqueror off the Bahamas

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Early image welcome
C1 Lowestoft.jpg
after reconsruction
C2 Lowestoft underway portside colour Q.jpg
post 1977 with towed array
C3 Lowestoft hit by Tigerfish.jpg
one tigerfish one frigate

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Re: Lowestoft 1960 HMS - Frigate

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:12 pm

Lowestoft at Chatham on 29 May 1978.
Lowestoft, 29 May 1978_1.jpg


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