Medina 1911 HMS - Royal Yacht

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Medina 1911 HMS - Royal Yacht

Post by Woody » Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:28 pm

HMS Medina
Royal Yacht
Launched by Caird & Company Greenock, Yard No 317, on 14/3/1911 for the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Torpedoed off Start Point, England 28/04/1917
12350 grt
550 ft x 62 ft x 34 ft
Twin screw, Steam, quad expansion, 14,00ihp giving 18.5 knots (trials)

During construction it was decided that Medina would convey the King-Emperor, ie. His Majesty King George the Fifth and Queen Mary, to India, where the Coronation Durbar was to be held at Delhi on 2/12/1911.
10/10/1911 commissioned into the Royal Navy, and her crew were mainly naval personnel. Medina was provided with an extra mast, necessary to maintain royal flag etiquette for flying The Royal Standard, and she was finished with a white hull with bands of royal blue and gold, and buff funnels. Various large rooms intended for public use were redecorated as royal apartments.
11/11/1911 Medina left Portsmouth for Bombay
February 1912 arrived back in the UK and Medina returned to Cairds for refitting
June 1912 delivered to P&O. She had only two years of peacetime service, but remained with P&O in the war.
28/4/1917 she was torpedoed in the starboard side by UB-31 off Start Point, while on route from India to London. Five engine room staff were killed and 411 passengers and crew took to the boats and were towed ashore

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C MEDINA Ciard and Co Greenock 1911.jpg
Medina leaving Portsmouth with the Royal Party
Image from the Green Collection – State of Victoria Library

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Re: Medina 1911 HMS - Royal Yacht

Post by E28 » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:58 pm

Medina here has the full array of flags shown as a royal yacht and are so.....

Fore mast - Admiralty Flag.
Main mast and the tallest - Royal Standard, this being the temporarily erected one for this purpose only removed upon her return.
Mizzen mast - Union Jack.
At the Jack (sharp end) the Union Jack as all British warships. Clue is in the name.
At the Ensign (blunt end) the White Ensign. Not actually exclusive to RN warships, 'tis a long story.

Originally the White, Red and Blue Ensigns were all naval hence Admiral of...and each colour...historic don't ya know.
Everyone else just hoisted a pirate flag, a French one or a Yankee starry stripey one.
Raid - Trade - Aid
Thats all folks. Sean. E28

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