Kellett 1919 HMS - Survey Ship

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Kellett 1919 HMS - Survey Ship

Post by Woody » Tue May 31, 2016 5:36 pm

HMS Kellett
Survey Ship, ex Minesweeper, Aberdare Class – T.05
Minesweeper - J.05
Laid down as the Minesweeper Uppingham, renamed in March 1919, and launched by William Simons & Co Renfrew, Yard No 619, on 31/5/1919. Sold 20/3/1945 for BU to Young, Sunderland.
800t normal
231ft x 28ft 6in x 7ft 6in
2-shaft, TE, 2 Yarrow boilers, Coal, 2,200ihp giving 16 knots
1 x 3pdr.
Crew 74

Completed in June 1919 as a Survey Ship
1938 Reserve
1939 was taken from the Reserves and converted back to a Minesweeper at Chatham with 2 x 12pdr, 2 x 20mm, MGs and 2 x DC throwers plus DCs in traps'
Based in Grimsby and covered the whole of the East Coast
May 1940 ordered to Chatham and took part in the Dunkirk evacuation, making five trips
1944 took part in Operation Neptune and it's preparations. Involved in searching for bodies following the disaster off Slapton Sands
1945 she was damaged by a mine and following this was scrapped.

Battle Honours: DUNKIRK 1940 – NORTH SEA 1943 - NORMANDY 1944

More information Welcome
C1 Kellet as Survey ship steaming port bow Medway.jpg
Kellet in the Medway
C2 Kellet moored Chatham strbd stern.jpg
Kellet at Chatham
C3 Kellett  bow.jpg
Kellet WWII minesweeper
C4 Kellet Plymouth Sound IWM (A 30863).jpg
Kellet 1943 Plymouth Sound
IWM A 30863

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Re: Kellett 1919 HMS - Survey Ship

Post by Woody » Wed May 31, 2017 9:33 am

Birthday Image
C5 1941.jpg
as she appeared in 1941

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