Moor 1919 HMS - Mooring Vessel

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Moor 1919 HMS - Mooring Vessel

Post by Woody » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:31 pm

HMS Moor
Mooring Vessel, Moor Class
Launched by Bow McLachlan & Company Paisley, Yard No 375, on 12/6/1919. Mined and sunk on 8/4/1942 at Malta.
720 tons
148ft oa x 29ft x 10ft 6in
1-screw, Triple expansion, 600ihp giving 9 Knots
1 x 12pdr AA not mounted
Fitted with salvage pumps, air compressors and diving equipment

Served in Malta
8/4/1942 at 17.00hrs after carrying out maintenance work on the boom defence nets at Grand Harbour entrance to she was on her way back to the Dockyard when she struck a floating mine and sank immediately. She took with her all but one of her 29 Maltese crewmen and riggers. She was scrapped later and her wheel is in the Malta War Museum at Fort St. Elmo.
C Moor Royal Navy History.jpg
Moor at Malta
Royal Navy History

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Re: Moor 1919 HMS - Mooring Vessel

Post by E28 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:42 pm

Official title is H. M. Mooring Vessel Moor.

Unfortunately the image is neither Moor or any other Mooring Vessel but a Bar class Boom Defence Vessel taken attending a boom in Grand Harbour Malta or environs 1940 - 1942.
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