Blake 1945 HMS - Cruiser

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Blake 1945 HMS - Cruiser

Post by Woody » Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:54 pm

HMS Blake
Cruiser, Tiger Class - C.99
Helicopter Cruiser
Laid down 17/8/1942 as Blake, a Superb Class Cruiser, renamed Tiger in 1944, and renamed Blake in February 1945. Launched by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 710, on 20/12/1945. Broken up by Shipbreaking (Queenborough) Ltd., Cairnryan, 1982.
9,550 standard, 11,700t Full load
555ft 6in oa x 64ft x 18ft
4 shaft Parsons geared turbines, 4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 72,500shp giving 31.5 knots
4 x 6in DP (2 x 2) and 6 x 3in DP (3 x 2)
Crew 716

July 1946 work was suspended and she was laid up at Gareloch
October 1954 work was restarted on a modified design
Completed 18/3/1961.
1961-1963 Home and Mediterranean
1963-1965 Reserve
1965-1969 converted to Helicopter and Command Cruiser at Portsmouth. Fitted with stern hangar and flight deck for 4 helicopters - Westland Wessex HAS.3, retained forward 6in and 3in turrets, and fitted with 2 quad Sea Cat GWS launchers. During her conversion she was damaged by a major fire
1969-1970 Flag Officer Flotillas, Western Fleet and in 1969 deployed to Gibraltar. Also that year a harrier landed on her flight deck
1970 major deployment to Far East and was present during the withdrawl from Malta
Late 1971 West Indies and West Coast of USA
December 1972 helicopters changed to 4 Sea King, HAS.1
1974-75 Far East
1974-1979 Flagship of 1st Flotilla
1976-1977 Refit
1977 Fleet review off Spithead
1977-79 General Sea Service with Major deployment to the Americas in 1978
December 1979 Paid off
1980-1981 Standby Squadron at Chatham
1981 Placed on disposal list
October 1982 towed to Cairnryan
C1 Blake Fitting out Fairfields July 1960.JPG
Fitting out at Fairfields July 1960
C2 Blake C99 Contractors trials port stern.JPG
Blake on contractors trials 1961
C3 Blake aerial bow strbd with Sea King 70s.jpg
Blake as helicopter Cruiser in the 70s with Sea King
C4 Paying Off 1979.jpg
Blake paying off in 1979

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Re: Blake 1945 HMS - Cruiser

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:04 pm

Blake at the Jubilee Fleet Review, 28 June 1977.
Blake, 28 June 1977 (1)_1.jpg
Blake, 28 June 1977 (2)_1.jpg


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