Artful 1947 HMS - Submarine

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Artful 1947 HMS - Submarine

Post by Woody » Mon May 22, 2017 9:17 am

HMS Artful
Submarine, A Class - P.456, S.96
Laid down 8/6/1944 and launched by Scotts Greenock, Yard No 623, on 22/5/1947. 23/6/1972
sold to Shipbreaking (Queenborough) Ltd to be broken up at Cairnryan
1120t standard, 1620t normal
279ft 3in oa x 22ft 3in x 17ft 1in max normal load
2-shaft Admiralty supercharged diesels plus electric motors, 4300bhp/1250shp giving 18.5kts/8kts
10 x 21in TT ( 4 bow, 2 stern and 4 external) with 20 torpedoes, or alternatively 18 M2 mines
Crew 61

15/12/1947 Commissioned for service with the 2nd Submarine Flotilla at Portland
23/2/1948 completed without gun armament
19/10/1948 Reduced to Reserve
31/10/1949 Refit started at Portsmouth
July 1950 joined the 3rd Submarine Flotilla but returned to Dockyard after Fire damage to her control room.
August-December 1951 on loan to the RCN as a Training Submarine then Reduced to Reserve
1953 Coronation Review
1954 she was the first of the class to undergo modernisation
1957 new Bow Asdic Dome Fitted
1965 paid Off for Refit at Devonport

More information Welcome
C1 Artul 8-1949.jpg
August 1949
C2 Artful 5-1953.jpg
May 1953
C3 Artful 2.jpg
after modernisation
C4 Artful S96 underway port bow c1964.jpg

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Re: Artful 1947 HMS - Submarine

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:50 pm

Artful at Newcastle on 14 October 1967.
Artful, 14 October 1967 (1)_1.jpg
Artful, 14 October 1967 (2)_1.jpg


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