Durban 1919 HMS - Light Cruiser

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Durban 1919 HMS - Light Cruiser

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HMS Durban
Light Cruiser, Danae Class, 2nd group – 99, I.99, D.99
Launched by Scotts Greenock, Yard No: 496, on 29/5/1919 and scuttled 9/6/1944 as part of the breakwater of the Mulberry Harbour.
4970t normal, 5870t deep load
471ft oa x 45ft 6in x 16ft 6in
2 shaft Brown-Curtis geared turbines, 6 Yarrow boilers, oil, 40,000shp giving 29 knots.
6 x 6in 45cal BL Mk XII, 2 x 3in Mk I AA, 2 x 2pdr pom-pom, and 12 x 21in TTs (4 x 3)
Crew 450

The 2nd group were given trawler bows.
She was towed to Devonport for completion and was commissioned 1st November 1921, joining the 5th LCS, on the China Station, 1921-28.
1928-30, 8 CS America and West Indies
1930-31 Refit
1931-34 8 CS America and West Indies
1934-36 3 CS Mediterranean
1936-39 Portsmouth Reserve
August 1939 9th Cruiser Squadron
2/9/1939 left Gibraltar for Freetown to provide Convoy Defence between Freetown and the Cape
13 /10/1939 took passage to Singapore to join the 5th Cruiser Squadron on the China Station
6/11/1939 taken in hand for Refit at Hong Kong
21/12/1939 transferred to 9th Cruiser Squadron, China Station for Trade Defence in the East Indies
23/3/1940 joined the newly formed Malaya Force
July 1940 Refit in Singapore
20/9/1940 joined a Hunting Group looking for the German Raider Atlantis
February 1941 took passage to Freemantle
12/2/1941 left Freemantle as Escort for the liners Queen Mary, Aquitania, Mauritania and Neuw Amsterdam to the Indian Ocean
16/2/1941 detached with the Queen Mary for Singapore
July-August 1941 Refit in Singapore
8/12/1941 transferred to the 5th Cruiser Squadron after the outbreak of war with Japan for escort duty
20/12/1941 joined the newly formed China Force and took passage to Singapore then Batavia
9/1/1942 joined Convoy DMI as part of escort with cruisers Exeter and De Ruyter to Singapore
6/2/1942 joined escort for Convoy MS3, South of Java, for passage to Palembang
10/2/1942 passage to Singapore to evacuate RAF personnel
12/2/1942 escort for coastal vessels carrying evacuees from Singapore and came under air attack. She took a hit on a forward 6in mounting putting it out of action
16/2/1942 withdrawn from Batavia as escort for ship to Colombo
17/2/1942 detached for passage to Freemantle
March 1942 trade defence in Indian Ocean
13/3/1942 intercepted the German Doggerbank off Capetown but as she she gave the correct signal she was allowed to proceed
9/4/1942 arrived for repairs of bomb damage at US Navy Dockyard, New York. She was also fitted with new radars
August 1942 arrived in UK and completed the dockyard work
September 1942 work up at Scapa for service with the 5th Cruiser Squadron, Eastern Fleet
4/10/1942 left the Clyde with the escort for Convoy WS23 to Durban
5/11/1942 on arrival at Durban commenced Trade Defence duties in the Indian Ocean
30/12/1942 commenced Refit at Bombay
March 1943 resumed defence duties
5/4/1943 joined convoy MS27 in the Indian Ocean on passage to Aden
10/4/1943 convoy defence for Persian Gulf Convoys and support of Military Operations
June 1943 resumed Indian Ocean duties
24/10/1943 left the Seychelles for the UK
December 1943 Reduced to care and Maintenance at Portsmouth
February 1944 Refit to prepare her for a blockship for Gooseberry No 5 at Ouistreham. Her main armament was kept and 24 oerlikons were fitted. On completion she left for Oban to join the other blockships
2/6/1944 left Oban and diverted to Poole
6/6/1944 sailed for Ouistreham where she anchored
9/6/1944 sunk and acted as SNO for the blockships and provided shelter for small craft
3/8/1944 hulk hit by a German Torpedo from a Marder

Battle Honour: NORMANDY 1944
C1 Durban China Station 20s George Smith.JPG
Durban on the China Station in the 20s
George Smith
C2 Durban.jpg
C3 Durban at Liverpool.JPG
Durban at Liverpool
C4 1942 IWM.jpg
Durban 1942

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