LCT.114 1941 HMS - Landing Craft, Tank

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LCT.114 1941 HMS - Landing Craft, Tank

Post by Woody » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:21 pm

Landing Craft, Tank Mk II
NSC(L) 26
Launched by Lobnitz & Company Renfrew, Yard No 1043, on 4/6/1941. Sold in 1946
460t loaded
159 ft 11in oa x 31ft x 5ft 4in mean load
3-shaft Napier Petrol engines, 1050bhp giving 11 knots
2 x 2pdr pompom and 2 x 20mm
3 x 49t or 6 x 18t tanks
Crew 12

Commissioned 12/6/1941
1943 took part in the evacuation of Kos
1945 converted to an NSC
C LCT.130 .jpg
Model of an LCT Mk II - LCT.130

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