Sayonara 1880 HMS - Armed Yacht

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Sayonara 1880 HMS - Armed Yacht

Post by Woody » Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:20 pm

HMS Sayonara
Armed Yacht - 035
Launched by Robert Steele & Company, Yard No 111, on 24/6/1880 as the Iron, Schooner Rigged, Steam Yacht, Catarina, for James Houldsworth, Glasgow. Foundered near Ras el Fasori, Syria on 23/1/1942
186.4ft x 26.1ft x 15.8ft
Single screw, steam, C.2Cy, 91nhp
2 x 3in

1886 to Duke of Sutherland and renamed SANS PEUR
1890 John G Fay, Southampton
1891 E. D. Morgan, Cowes and renamed CATARINA
1892 Joseph Pulitzer, New York and renamed ROMOLA
1894 to the Earl of Carnarvon and renamed CATARINA - reg Portsmouth
1894 Patrick Rattray, Glasgow
1895 Wallace M Johnstone, London
1900 Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Gosport
1907 Alfred Norton, Portsmouth
1907 Ramon de la Sota, Bilbao and renamed GOIZEKO-IZARRA
1911 A. J. Drexel, Philadelphia and renamed SAYONARA
25/6/1915 requisitioned by the Admiralty for use as an Auxiliary Patrol Vessel and commissioned as HMS Sayonara
11/10/1918 Returned
1919 Inglessis & Phocas Vagliano, Piraeus converted to cargo and renamed KEFALONIA
1920 G Potomianos, Piraeus - reg Piraeus and renamed POPI
1931 Epirotiki Steam Navigation Co (George Potomianos), Piraeus and renamed EPIROS
1940 Balkans & Near East Shipping Agency S.A., Panama and renamed BETTY
1940 S. Avgherinos, Panama and renamed PACIFIC
1941 Palestine Transport & Shipping Co (N. W. Purvis), Haifa and renamed TIQVA
23/1/1942 Foundered in a gale near Ras el Fasori, Syria on passage Iskenderun for Port Said with chrome ore, poppy seed and tobacco.

Image and more information of HMS Sayanara Welcome
C Catarina.jpg
SY Catarina

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