Nizam 1940 HMS - Destroyer

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Nizam 1940 HMS - Destroyer

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HMS Nizam
Destroyer J, K, and N Class – G38, D.15
Launched by John Brown Clydebank, Yard No 563, on 4/7/1940. 16/11/1955 arrived at Ward’s Yard, Grays for BU.
1760-1773t; 2330-2384t deep load
356ft 6in oa x 35ft 8in x 13ft 8in mean deep load
2-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 40,000shp giving 36 knots
6 x 4.7in/45 QF Mk XII (3 x 2). 4 x 2pdr pompom (1 x 4), and 10 x 21in TT (2 x 5)
Crew 183-218

Completed 19/12/1940 commissioned with mainly an RAN crew but remained the property of the RN
23/1/1941 arrived at Scapa for workup but damaged a propeller on the wreckage of the Royal Oak and returned to builders
16/2/1941 returned to Scapa to finish her workup after escorting a troop convoy.
7/3/1941 returned to builders for rectification of defects
21/3/1941 left the Clyde with a troop convoy to Gibraltar where she exercised with Force H.
31/3/1941 escorted Highland Monarch to Simonstown and then on to Alexandria, with Napier, to join 7 DF.
5/5/1941 joined the Flotilla and then escorted a Malta Convoy ,Operation Tiger
18/5/1941 left Alexandria for Crete
21/5/1941 bombarded German airfield at Scarpanto
27/5/1941 landed troops and stores at Suda Bay
30/5/1941 evacuated troops from Sfakia during which she damaged her port propeller which was repaired at Alexandria
17/6/1941 arrived on station at Haifa for the Syrian Operation
23/6/1941 engaged briefly in the action against the French destroyers Guepard and Valmy
5-6/7/1941 bombardment along the Damour River
8-11/1941 made 14 Tobruk runs
2-8/11/1941 took part in moving the 50th Division from Cyprus to Palestine and moving Indian replacements to Cyprus
24/11/1941 with Hotspur was present when Barham was lost, picking up survivours
17/12/1941 Battle of Sirte
31/12/1941 bombardment of Bardia
14/1/1942 escorted Indomitable from Port Sudan to fly of Hurricanes for Java, and again on 2/2/1942 to Trincomalee and then operated with the Eastern Fleet
14/5/1942 completed refit at Bombay and then escorted Birmingham to reinforce the Mediterranean fleet
7/1942 returned to Eastern Fleet
10/9/1942 landings at Majunga, Madagascar
17/9/1942 landings at Tamatave
24/9/1942 captured the Vichy merchant ship Marechal Gallieni off Larenco Marques
29/9/1942 intercepted the Vichy Amiral Pierre (Clydebuilt ex Newby Hall 1905), which attempted to scuttle herself and was eventually sunk by Nizam
8/10/1942 assisted by Foxhound, Arrow and Active sank U-179
29/10/1942 arrived at Simonstown for a refit
28/12/1942 returned to the Eastern fleet for escort duties including the return home of 9th Australian Division from the Middle East
6/8/1943 on loan to the South African Station
22/10/1943 completed a refit at Williamstown Dockyard and joined the East Indies Fleet and met up with USS Saratoga
19/4/1944 attack on Sabang
17/5/1944 attack on Sorabaya
25/7/1944 second attack on Sabang
9/2/1945 completed refit at Williamstown and 2 days after leaving was hit by a squall and freak wave, losing 10 ratings and suffering considerable storm damage.
1/4/1945 left Sydney for Manus Island and escort duties until the end of July
6/8/1945 joined TF57 and escorted KGV.
29/8/1945 arrived at Tokyo Bay
5/10/1945 arrived at Sydney for pay off on 17/10/1945, after repatriation duties
18/10/1945 recommissioned with the crew of HMS Quadrant for passage to UK
5/1/1946 arrived at Harwich via Sheerness and placed in reserves, also used as an accommodation ship
6/2/1951 allocated for a type 16 conversion but it was cancelled
21/9/1955 approved for scrapping

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C1 Nizam G38 off Madagascar 1942.JPG
Seen here off Madagascar in 1942
C2 Nizam G38 at sea 12-1942.JPG
Nizam December 1942
C3 Nizam coming alongside Victorious Pacific .JPG
Nizam RAS with Victorious in the
C4 Nizam Malta returning to UK.jpg
Nizam in Malta on her return to the UK

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