Lhasa 1904 RIM - Auxiliary Patrol Boat

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Lhasa 1904 RIM - Auxiliary Patrol Boat

Post by Woody » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:52 am

RIM Lhasa
Auxiliary Patrol Boat
Launched by William Denny & Bros, Dumbarton, Yard No 729, on 13/7/1904 as a Passenger Cargo ship for the British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd.. Second quarter 1926 scrapped by Boolam Hoosein Essajee, Bombay
2171 grt
276 ft x 44.1 ft x 16.6 ft
3 screws, 3 x Parsons Steam Turbines giving 16 knots

Completed 18/10/1904
1917 Requisitioned in India for use as an auxiliary Patrol Boat and or Minesweeper for service in the Indian Ocean
22/10/1917 sailed Bombay
1919 Returned
1925 sold to Boolam Hoosein Essajee,Bombay

More information and image of RIM Lhasa Welcome
Lhasa Builders photo.jpg
SS Lhasa trials
Builders Photo

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