Northbrook 1907 RIM - Troopship

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Northbrook 1907 RIM - Troopship

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RIM Northbrook
Troopship and AMC
Launched by John Brown Clydebank, Yard No 375, on 6/7/1907 as a Troopship for the Royal Indian Marine and paid off 1923.
5,820 tons
360ft x 52ft x 18ft
2 screw, 700hp giving 16 knots
6 x 4,7in, and 6 x 3pdr. She operated a Short 184 Seaplane whilst in the Red Sea in 1916

Completed in September 1907
During WWI she operated mainly in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and also acted as as Armed Merchant Cruiser. She patrolled between Aden and Port Sudan for control of local shipping as well as transporting troops she also transferred prisoners. During this period she worked with the Royal Navy and like other RIM vessels during this period was sometimes referred to as HMS
September 1915 arrived in Bombay for refit
3/12/1915 arrived in Aden
27/9/1916 arrived at Suez
1/1/1917 Bombay
20/1/1917 Aden to continue her patrol duties which now extended to Suez
February 1917 assisted in trying to salvage PS.57 at Ras Kasar removing as much gear as possible
August 1917 landings at Hodeida
10/9/1917 Basra
4/10/1917 Bombay
4/11/1917 Colombo
12/11/1917 Madras
27/11/1917 Rangoon
10/12/1917 Calcutta
21/12/1917 Trincomalee
30/12/1917 Bombay for Refit
23/3/1918 Basra
26/3/1918 left Shatt al Arab escorting HMS Gnat to Bombay
30/4/1918 Colombo with HMS Tarantula
12/5/1918 Singapore
19/5/1918 Hong Kong with HMS Gnat
8/7/1918 Bombay
1923 Paid Off and sold

From Streatfield-James c1922. “ Northbrook was a troopship, and so, in addition to our station duties, from time to time we used to carry the ‘licentious soldiery’ from one place to another together with all their impedimenta. Camels, pianos, mules, motor cars, dogs and horses, stores, furniture and smells of all descriptions”
C1 Northbrook.jpg
Collection of Sergio and Anton Grimaldi from Database via Paul
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