Sladen 1884 RIMS - River Gunboat

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Sladen 1884 RIMS - River Gunboat

Post by Woody » Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:44 pm

RIMS Sladen
River Gunboat
Launched by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton, Yard No 298, on 8/12/1884 as the PS Tulouyungjingyaw, a 2 deck River Steamer for the King of Burma. Delivered in three sections. Fate not known
160 ft x 24 ft x 5 ft
Paddle, Steam compound, (25 & 43 – 42)in., 1 SE Boiler, 96nhp
2 x 12pdr

Completed 17/7/1885 after being reassembled by the Irrawaddy Flotilla Co at Rangoon
Captured by India in the 3rd Burma War, converted to a gunboat for the Royal Indian Marine and renamed RIMS SLADEN for service in Burma
1921 Stricken from the navy list.
Sold to Mr Po Sein, Burma, renamed THE GREAT PO SEIN and ended her days as a floating theatre on the Irrawaddy

Image and more information of Sladen/Tulouyungjingyaw/The Great Po Sein Welcome

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