Hardinge 1900 RIMS - Troopship

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Hardinge 1900 RIMS - Troopship

Post by Woody » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:13 pm

RIMS Hardinge
Armed Merchant Cruiser.
Launched by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 415 on 11/8/1900 as a troopship for the Royal Indian Marine. Sold in 1930.
6,520 tons
423ft 6in x 51ft 6in x 19ft
single screw, TE, 9800ihp giving 19 knots
6 x 4.7in and 6 x 3pdr. Operated Nieuport VI seaplanes when in the Red Sea during 1915.

The Royal Indian Marine were mainly involved in Trooping, Survey Work, and Station Ship work including Lighthouse Tendering and Trinity House type work. Their ships were therefore equipped to fill some or all of these duties.
Completed in December 1900
During WWI she took part in the defence of the Suez Canal operating with the Royal Navy and use as an Armed Merchant Cruiser. When serving with the RN RIM ships were often referred to as HMS.
3/2/1915 assisted in the defence against the attack, South of Tussum, by the Turks trying to cross the canal. She eventually suffered damage from shore batteries and was forced to withdraw back, fortunately without any deaths
She is also mentioned as being a supply ship for T.E.Lawrence and his group.
C1 hardinge OSPG.jpg
Hardinge looks like her trials
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