Walrus 1959 HMS - Patrol Submarine

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Walrus 1959 HMS - Patrol Submarine

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HMS Walrus
Patrol Submarine, Porpoise Class - S.08
Laid down 12/2/1958 and launched by Scotts, Greenock, Yard No 672, on 22/9/1959. Scrapped at Grimsby in 1991 by Dockside Salvage Ltd.
1565t normal; 1975t-2303t
290ft 3in oa x 26ft 6in x 18ft 3in
2-shat diesel-electric: 2 x ASR 1 16cyl diesels, plus 2 x English Electric motors, 3680bhp/6000shp giving 12kts surfaced and 17kts submerged
8 x 21in TT (6 fwd, 2 aft with 30 torpedoes)
Crew 71

Commissioned 10/2/1961 and joined the 3rd Sqdn at Faslane on HMS Adamant and HMS Forth,.
10/2/1967 damaged by a fire during her refit at Portsmouth
11/1/1969 again damaged by a fire during refit
3/12/.1969 recommissioned after Refit at Devonport and joined the 1st Sqdn , HMS Dolphin, Gosport.
1973-5 Refit at Rosyth
1975 joined the 3rd Sqdn at Faslane
1977 Silver Jubilee Fleet Review at Spithead with the Submarine Flotilla
1979 Refit at Rosyth
1983 following the refit joined the 1st Submarine Squadron at HMS Dolphin
December 1986 Paid Off
1987 sold to the Seaforth Group with a view to a refit and possible sale to Egypt. Renamed SEAFORTH B. This fell through and she was scrapped at Grimsby in 1991
C1 Walrus launch OSPG.jpg
Walrus Launch
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C2 Walrus underway march 1966.JPG
Walrus March 1966
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