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John Highland 1918 HMS - Admiralty Trawler

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:49 pm
by Woody
HMS John Highland
Admiralty Trawler, Mersey Class - Ad No 3797
Launched by Ferguson Shipbuilders Port Glasgow, Yard No 241, on 23/9/1918. Sunk 19/9/1940 by an Italian Submarine
438t standard, 665t deep load
148ft oa x 23ft 9in x 13ft
1 shaft Reciprocating (VTE), 600ihp giving 11 knots
1 x 12pdr
Crew nominally 20 but varied.

1919 sold as the mercantile OCEAN ENSIGN to Bloomfields of Yarmouth.
1927 to Spanish owners and renamed ALMIRANTE JOSE DE CARRANZA
19/9/1940 Sunk by the Italian submarine Guglielmo Marconi 16 miles NW of Cabo Villano with only one survivour

Image of John Highland/Ocean Ensign Welcome/Almirante Jose Carranza