Durham Castle 1903 HMS - Storeship

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Durham Castle 1903 HMS - Storeship

Post by Woody » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:39 am

HMS Durham Castle
Launched by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 433, on 17/12/1903 as a Passenger/Cargo Vessel for the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company London. Mined and sunk 26/1/1940
8217 grt
475.4 ft x 56.7 ft x 31.9 ft
Twin screw, 2 quadruple steam expansion engines, giving 14 knots.

Completed February 1904
1914 remained in commercial service and used as a troop carrier
1939 replaced by the Pretoria Castle and placed on the disposal list.
1939 purchased by the Admiralty for use as a Store and Accommodation Ship at Scapa Flow.
26/1/1940 while under tow to Scapa Flow, she struck a mine off of the Cromarty Firth, (Laid on 21/1/1940 by U-57), and sank.

Seen here as a mercantile
C I Durham Castle.jpg

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