Potentilla 1941 HMS - Corvette

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Potentilla 1941 HMS - Corvette

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HMS Potentilla
Corvette, Flower Class - K.214
Laid down 28/2/1941 and launched by William Simons & Co Renfrew, Yard No 751, on 18/12/1941. Scrapped at Gateshead 1946
940t standard; 1170t deep load
205ft oa x 33ft x 14ft 10in
1 shaft VTE, 2 scotch cylindrical boilers, oil, 2750ihp giving 16 knots
1 x 4in/45 BL Mk IX, 2 depth charge throwers and AA armament. (Initially the class had a 2pdr pompom, or twin Lewis guns when the pompom was not available).
Crew 85

On completion lent to Norway
16/1/1942 commissioned into the Royal Norwegian Navy as HNoMS POTENTILLA
Served on escort duties in the North Atlantic and also covered the D Day landings
13/3/1944 returned to the Royal Navy
13/3/1946 sold and scrapped by Dorkin, Gateshead.

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