Clacton 1941 HMS - Minesweeper

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Clacton 1941 HMS - Minesweeper

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HMS Clacton
Minesweeper, Bangor Class, Turbine-engined - J.151
Keel laid 12/11/1940 and launched by Ailsa Shipbuilding Company, Yard No 439, on 19/12/1941. Sunk 31/12/1943 by a mine off Corsica
605t standard; 780t deep load
174ft oa x 28ft 6in x 9ft 8in mean deep load
2-shaft geared turbines, 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 2000shp giving 16.5 knots
1 x 3in/20cwt HA, and 4 x MG, with 40 DCs as an escort
The main armament varied on this group, a 12pdr/12cwt HA, or 4in/40 QF Mk IV were also used
Crew 87

Commissioned on 4/6/1942 and joined the 13th Minesweeping Flotilla and following her work up and training acted as convoy escort in the North Sea and Straits of Dover based at Harwich plus minesweeping
August 1942 took part in the Dieppe raid sweeping a passage to the drop zone
November 1942 moved to Gibraltar and took part in the North African Invasion. Her Flotilla swept the channel to the beaches East of Oran
1943 swept the Sicilian Channel prior to the Sicily Landings and then took part in the taking off Pantellaria where she was near missed in an air attack
September 1943 took part in the Salerno Landings, sweeping a path to the beaches under fire and then forming an anti-submarine screen around the support ships
When not sweeping in the Mediterranean she was involved in convoy duties
31/12/1943 while minesweeping off the East Coast of Corsica she sank after a mine, collected in her sweep wire, exploded on the quarterdeck. 32 lives were lost and the survivours were rescued by HMS Polruan

Seen here in July 1942
C 7-1942.jpg

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