Monkey 1896 HMS - Water Tank Vessel

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Monkey 1896 HMS - Water Tank Vessel

Post by Woody » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:32 am

HMS Monkey
Dockyard Water Tank Vessel, Asp Class
Launched by Lobnitz & Co, Renfew, vessel No 448, on 21/12/1896 and wrecked in Malta 26/4/1942 by air attack. BU locally in April 1943.
330 tons
115ft x 22ft x 7ft
1 screw, steam, 300ihp

One of three ordered from Lobnitz, the others being HMS Chub (449) and HMS Tortoise (450).
She was stationed in Malta arriving 7/10/1897 and remained there the rest of her life.
14/9/1939 was taken over as an examination vessel and returned 7/8/1940
26/4/1942 sunk by German Aircraft at the North west end of Stores Wharf near the Sheer bastion. She was cut up on site in April 1943.
Her bell is in the Maritime Museum in Malta.
Monkey 12-1932.jpg
December 1932

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