Clive 1919 RIM - Minesweeping Sloop

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Clive 1919 RIM - Minesweeping Sloop

Post by Woody » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:50 pm

Clive RIM
Minesweeping Sloop
HMIS Clive
Launched by Wm Beardmore & Company Dalmuir, Yard No: 522, on 10/12/1919 for the Royal Indian Marine and scrapped in 1947
2050 tons standard
240ft (p.p.) x 38ft x 14ft max
2 shaft all geared turbines, 2 Babcox & Wilcox boilers, oil, 1700shp giving 14.5 knots
2 x 4in, 2 x 2pdr pom-poms
Crew 111

Completed 20/4/1920
March 1940 Persian Gulf Patrol
June 1940 Aden Patrol and Convoy Escort Duties
1941 supported Somaliland Operations
C Clive underway strbd bow 1920.JPG
C Clive anchored in Madras.jpg
Clive anchored in Madras

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