Falcon 1899 HMS - Torpedo Boat Destroyer

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Falcon 1899 HMS - Torpedo Boat Destroyer

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HMS Falcon
TBD, Fairfield 30-Knotter, 1899 Order
Laid down 26/6/1899 and launched by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 412, on 29/12/1899 and lost in a collision 1/4/1918
420t full load
209ft x 21ft x 12ft 2in
Twin screw, TE, Thornycroft boilers, 6250ihp
1 x 12pdr, 5 x 6pdr and 2 x TTs
Crew 63

Completed 5/9/1900
1914 6th DF, Dover Patrol
28/10/1914 while patrolling off the Belgian Coast she was struck by an 8 inch shell with 24 killed or wounded, including her Captain. She managed to escape
February 1918 joined the North Sea Patrol based at Immingham. Her Captain was now Charles “Lights” Lightowler (Titanic Officer).
1/4/1918 while escorting a Troop Convoy at night, and in bad weather, she was struck by another escort, HMS John Fitzgerald. The Trawler had hit her narrow hull amidships nearly cutting her in two. The crew abandoned ship and moments later the bow section broke off and sank.
C1 Falcon underway port bow.JPG
C2 Falcon strbd bow 1907.JPG
C3 Falcon D54 strbd bow escorting drifters c 1917.JPG
c1917 with the Dover Patrol

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