Violet 1940 HMS - Corvette

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Violet 1940 HMS - Corvette

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HMS Violet
Corvette, Flower Class - K.35
Laid down 21/3/1940 and launched by William Simons & Co Renfrew, Yard No 739, on 30/12/1940. Scrapped in 1970 at Bilbao
Sold for breaking up, 11/9/1948.
940t standard; 1170t deep load
205ft oa x 33ft x 14ft 10in
1 shaft VTE, 2 scotch cylindrical boilers, oil, 2750ihp giving 16 knots
1 x 4in/45 BL Mk IX, 2 depth charge throwers and AA armament. (Initially the class had a 2pdr pompom, or twin Lewis guns when the pompom was not available).
Crew 85

3/2/1941 commissioned and moved to Tobermory for work up
9/3/1941 joined the Western Approaches Command 12th Escort Group, Londonderry
29/6/1941 sank U-651 in North Atlantic by depth charges assisted by HMS Arabis, HMS Malcolm, HMS Scimitar and HMS Speedwell
10/7/1941 transferred to 8th Escort Group
20/8/1941 arrived for refit at Dundee
26/9/1941 allocated to South Atlantic Command operating off Africa
January 1942 ran aground at the mouth of the Niger
8/8/1942 refit at Sheerness, 4 x 20mm, 2 x 6 pdr and Hedgehog added
4/10/1942 allocated to Western Approaches, 36 escort group in the Irish Sea
16/4/1943 to 38 Escort Group, Western Approaches
20/10/1943 refit at Sheerness
6/1/1944 work up at Tobermory
15/1/1944 allocated to Eastern Fleet; Sailed from Londonderry to Gibraltar, escorting KMS 39
19/1/1944 sank U-641 in North Atlantic with depth charges
28/1/1944 arrived at Gibraltar and then sailed to Port Said, Aden, Bombay for convoy work off India and Hormuz
7/4/1945 arrived at East London for refit
23/7/1945 sailed from Durban for Colombo
9/9/1945 arrived at the Cocos Island Air-Sea Rescue Patrol off Sumatra and Java
5/1/1946 sailed from Colombo for UK
10/2/1946 arrived at Harwich and reduced to category C Reserve.
17/5/1947 sold to Zubi Shipping Co., London and renamed La AGUERA.
1949 sold to Industrias Pesqueras Africanas SA, Spain, converted to a fish carrier by Elcano, Spain and renamed La GUERA.
1958 sold to Flatamentos Maritimos SA Spain, renamed CLAUDIO SABADELL

Images from “The Corvette H.M.S VIOLET” site taken on Commissioning Day
C1 K35-1.jpg
C2 K35-2.jpg

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