Arethusa 1882 HMS - Cruiser

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Arethusa 1882 HMS - Cruiser

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HMS Arethusa
Second Class Cruiser, Leander Class
Originally classed as Dispatch Vessels but redesignated second class cruisers before completion. Funnels were also raised later
Laid down 14/6/1880 and launched by Robert Napier Govan, Yard No 379, on 23/12/1882. Sold 4/4/1905 to G.Garnham and scrapped in Holland.
4300t load
315ft oa x 46ft x 20ft 6in
Light Barquentine rig later reduced to Schooner
2 shaft, 2 cyl HDAC, 12 cylindrical boilers, Coal, 5500ihp giving 16.5 knots
10 x 6 inch BLR (89cwt), 16 MGs, and 4 TCs
Crew 278

Completed in 29/9/1887
1886-93 Held at Chatham
1893-97 Mediterranean where she carried out lyddite firing trials
1897-99 Chatham
1899-1903 Pacific, with temporary attachment to China
1903-05 Chatham

Battle Honour: CHINA 1900

Seen here in Malta in 1983. Wind sails are rigged and the church pennant flying
On her port side deck is the Torpedo Boat 84, built by Yarrow in 1884.
C1 IX Arethusa moored port bow TB 84 Malta 1893.JPG
C2 346.jpg
C3 IX  Arethusa first firing of lyddite c 1894.JPG
Firing Lyddite off Malta c1893

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