Narcissus 1904 HMS - Armed Yacht

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Narcissus 1904 HMS - Armed Yacht

Post by Woody » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:24 am

HMS Narcissus
Armed Yacht, Auxiliary Patrol Vessel - 050
FAA Armed Yacht
HMS Grive
Launched by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 437, on 21/12/1904 as a Screw Schooner for E Millar Munday. Sunk 1/6/1940 off Dunkirk.
222.7ft x 27.7ft x 15.4ft
Steam Turbine
2 x 12pdr

One of the earliest yachts to have steam turbines.
13/1/1915 Requisitioned by the Admiralty for use as an Auxiliary Patrol Vessel
11/9/1915 renamed NARCISSUS II
7/9/1917 fired at, and hit, the submarine UB-49 which dived and had to put into Cadiz for repairs.
27/2/1919 Returned
1925 Re-engined with two Sulzer diesels.
1927 major refit at Camper & Nicholson.
September1939 requisitioned by the Admiralty as an FAA target ship. She was used in the Toraplane trials, (a gliding bomb which did not prove a success).
1940 renamed HMS GRIVE
May 1940 involved in the Dunkirk evacuation, brought back 1,300 troops in 3 trips
1/6/1940 she was at Dunkirk quayside when there was a German air attack. She tried to get away and collided with HMS Whitehall which was also trying to get away. While exiting the harbour she struck a mine and was lost with all hands.
Narcissus underway at Cowes post 1925.JPG
Narcissus after her 1927 major refit

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Re: Narcissus 1904 HMS - Armed Yacht

Post by Jojo » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:15 pm

Hi, seem to have lost my last post. Just wanted to say thank you to Woody for the history of s y Narcissus especially re Dunkirk. The first owner was my great grandfather, and my mother was uncertain what happened, she would have been very proud of her role. I will put a print out on the back of the di Simone painting I have of Narcissus. In fact I have a lot of her china,even some damask napkins. The cakestands and shot glasses are still good and I use the egg cups every day. Odd what survives!

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