Buffalo 1916 RFA - Mooring Vessel

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Buffalo 1916 RFA - Mooring Vessel

Post by Woody » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:22 am

RFA Buffalo
Mooring Vessel, Trinculo Class - X42, X.11
Launched by Bow McLachlan & Company Paisley, Yard No, on 25/1/1916. Mined 4/4/1941 off Singapore.
758 tons
135ft pp x 26ft 9int x 10ft 6in
500ihp giving 9.5 knots

During WWI served on Boom Defence at Sheerness
At some stage she moved out to the Far East
4/4/1941 while salvaging an RAF Blenheim she struck a mine in the Singapore Roads and broke in two. The Minefield was the Royal navy No 3 minefield and it appears there was a navigation error and her CO was held responsible. 26 were killed and 19 injured of the various people assisting in the salvage.

Image is of her sister Steady
Image of Buffalo welcome

C Steady postcard.jpg
HMS Steady

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Re: Buffalo 1916 RFA - Mooring Vessel

Post by E28 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:59 pm

H.M. Mooring Vessel Buffalo was sunk on 5th April 1941, not the 4th. The pendant numbers date from WW1, she did not have one allocated in WW2. Still found no image of her.

I have details of every individual killed, missing presumed killed (MPK) and injured in this saga including all the Locally Entered Personnel (LEP) where there is the odd anomaly regards spelling their names. Jones is okay but have you tried spelling Monsor Bin Wahab...maybe you have, rest his soul. 28 died of which 26 MPK and 2 DOI. Of 20 civilians only 1 appears on the Tower Hill Memorial. She was lifted and scrapped in 1957.

This includes full details of the aircraft involved (actually on the 4th) which frankly was another stunt which cost 3 good men their lives but i have seen worse, i mean, why try to invert a twin engine fighter bomber. I'll tell you why...sheer boredom, bravado and a bet in the mess bar. This was still 8 months before Pearl Harbour and our (British) loss of Singapore where the guns faced the wrong direction.
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Thats all folks. Sean. E28

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