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Mærsk Drilling - Panama (Operators Aramco)
Ordered 01-04-1981; delivered july 1982 by Mitsui Ocean Development & Engeneering Co.Ltd.- Misui. (S-169).
Platform (Triangle) 66,78 x 58,00 x 7,31 m.
4.117 grt
Helideck 21,34 m. diameter for Sikorsky S-61-N.
Legs 3x 123,44 m. Electrical drive
Mooring system 4x 10.000 kg Flipper Delta anchors with steelwire 1 1/2" x 761,98 m.
Safety Danish Standard
Cranes 1x 80 tons; 1x 52 ton; Derrick Dreco 44,80 x 9,14 x 9,14 m; 1.250 tons
Bunkers 449 tons
Mud: Mixer van Dowell Schlumberger type M-FG-Twin; 2 mudpujmps from Oilwell type A-1700-PT triplex.
Drillwater 853,2 tons
Potable water 345,6 tons liquid and 127,43 m3 bulk.
Cement 440,3 tons
Freshwater machine from Atlas type AFGU 2S.
4x 4SA Caterpillar type D-399TA each connected to a generator 930 kW 600 V/60 Hz; 1x 4SA Caterpillar type D-379TA. connected to a generator 400 kW/220 V/50 Hz all Hill Graham type 1.500 S.C.R. Cubicles.
Newbuilding for the price of $29.147.079
Sold In August 1993 renamed TRIDENT 16 by Triton Holdings Ltd. (Sedco Forex Technical Services Ltd.) - Monrovia

In March 2007 ownership to Sedco Forex Holdings Ltd. BVI Transocean Technical Services) - Monrovia.

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