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The Aquadrill Co. (A.P.Moller) - Panama; later Palace Drilling (Maersk Contractors) - Monrovia
Build 1984 at Rauma-Repola OY (Mantiluoto Works) - Pori (20)
260' x 208' x 116' x 24'7"
26.000 grt; 15.500 dwt
ON 654314
Helideck 85'x 87' for Sikorsky S-61
Columns 4x 38'; 2x 35'
8x 26.500 lb anchors
Cranes 1x 78,5 tons; 2x 68,75 tons
Derrick 160'x40'x40' Dreco Dynamic 1.400.000 lb
Bunkers 15.500 bbls
Mud liquid 2.349 cu.ft; dry 6.643 cu.ft
Drillwater 17.500 bbls
Potable water 1.670 bbls
Cement 4.500 cu.ft
Engines 2x tweetakt V16 cilinder General Motors type EMD.16-E9B; 2x tweetakt V12 cilinder General Motors type EMD.12-E9B; 1x tweetakt V16 cilinder Detroit type 16V.149GDT connected to 4 electromotors; connected to 2 Propellers
Piping 15.000'x5"
Pumps 2x Oilwell A1700PT triplex
Generators 2x 2100 kW/600 V/60 Hz; 2x 1660 kW/600 V/60 Hz; 1x 825 kW/600 V/60 Hz
In the fleet in 1987 named ARCTIC SUNRISE from unknown owner
In 1998 not found registrated

Build as GLOMAR ARCTIC II for Glomar Marine Baltic Inc. (Glomar Marine Drilling Co.) - Houston.

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Henk de Winde

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