PLOVER (1881)

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PLOVER (1881)

Post by yorkieman » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:11 pm

A fine view of an elderly Tyne tug with Swan Hunter's Wallsend yard in the background
(maybe RUTH LAKE 1956 on left, and the frigates PELLEW and RUSSELL on the right)
Details from Piet van Damme's database ....
1881: Built by "J. Reid & Co" at Port Glasgow (GBR) (YN 6Q)
1881: delivered to "Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co and London & North Western Railway Co" (GBR)
(GBR flag, regd Fleetwood, ON 73764, c/s KPJL) as FYLDE
1904: To The Liverpool Association for the Protection of Commercial Interests as Respects Wrecked and Damaged Property ("The Liverpool Salvage Association") (GBR), renamed PLOVER
1909 -xx/09: To "Lawson Steam Tug-boat Co Ltd" (GBR)
1914 -26/09: on Admiralty service, renamed PEEWIT
1920 -08/03: returned to owners, re-renamed PLOVER
1920 -xx/06: transferred to "Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd" at S-Shields (GBR)
193x: (GBR flag, regd S-Shields, ON 73764, c/s MLPT)
1953 -xx/01: damaged when run down by 'Blenheim' at Stanhope Buoys, S-Shields (GBR)
1957 -xx/04: for breaking up to "British Iron & Steel Corp" for £4,500.-, broken up at "C.W. Dorkin & Co Ltd" at Gateshead (GBR)
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