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A fine old paddle tug which was also registered for fishing, not uncommon in the late 1800's
1885, 99grt
Lawson & Eltringham, South Shields
Broken up 6/1923

David Asprey once again to the rescue with his excellent tug records!

ON 89812 99grt 0nrt 94.1 x 17.6 x 9.2ft
Built 1885 Lawson & Eltringham, South Shields
SL 1cy 38nhp pad R B Findlay & Son, N Shields

1885 William Read & others, N Shields
1897 Joseph Gray, S Shields
1901 James I Minto, Leith
1917 Victor A Cappon, Dundee
1/1923 [maybe 1922] broken up at Montrose.
George Robinson
Freeman of Eriskay

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