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1938 - 1950
Fairplay Towage & Shipping Co.Ltd.(Commonwealth Steam Tug Co.Ltd.) - Avonmouth
Launched 22-12-1911; delivered 12-01-1912 by Schiffswerfte & Maschinenfabrik (vormals Janssen & Schmilinsky) A.G.- Hamburg/Steinwärder. (522)
33,33 x 31,18 x 7,32 x 3,85 x 2,85 m.
159 grt.
3 cylinder Triple Expansion from the yard
615 ihp.
In the fleet 11-08-1938 renamed from FAIRPLAY X from Schleppdampfschiffsreederei Richard Borchard G.m.b.H.- Hamburg.
Sold 05-10-1950 renamed FAIRPLAY XX by Schleppdampfschiffsreederei Richard Borchard G.m.b.H.-Hamburg

From 01-08-1914 till 22-02-1919 confiscated by Kaiserliche Marine and as Sperrverkehrsfahrzeug for the Elbe.
In 1926 brought in with Fairplay Schleppdampfschiffsreederei Richard Borchard G.m.b.H.-Hamburg
In 1937 grounded at Putgarden Reef during salvage of DUHNEN.
In 1940 brought in with Commonwealth Steam Tug Co. Ltd.- London.
In 1944 heavely damaged by an explosion (probibly a mine).
In 1950 partly broken-up at Theodor Buschmann Schiffswerft - Hamburg and during 1951 rebuild into FAIRPLAY I (2). 27-05-1964 renamed DURO by Augustea Impresa Maritimi S.p.A.- Palermo.
In 1986 broken-up at La Spezia.

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Henk de Winde

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