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Post by Henk » Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:46 pm

1914 - 1940
L.Smit & Co's Sleepdienst NV - Rotterdam; in 1923 L.Smit & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst Maatschappij NV - Rotterdam
Build 1914 at J.& K.Smit's Scheepswerven - Kinderdijk (660)
45,42 x x 8,74 x 4,57 x m.
465 grt.
3 cylinder Triple Expansion from Machinefabriek "Kinderdijk", 457x711x1168:762
1.000 ihp
12-11-1940 grounded on rocks during a trip from Penzance to Lamlash in heavy weather near Overton Mere west of Port Eynon Point (Glower) Glamorganshire and lost

From 24-08-1939 till 12-05-1940 named BV-5 with Coastal Defense. 13-05-1940 as escort tug for O-9 and O-10 to Britain.

Photo: Unknown**
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Post by E28 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 8:34 pm

Witte Zee with another Smit tug Zwarte Zee still hold the record for longest ever single tow.

The pair left the Tyne with the new Swan Hunter built Jubilee 584 foot Wellington floating dock 17 July 1931 and arrived in Wellington, New Zealand 28 December after nearly 14,000 nautical miles. The dock was towed in one piece although comprised three as built without a single hawser or steel wire breaking or any other mishaps.

Due to the need for bunkering which had to be Welsh steaming coal and other essential maintenance, such as docking, much of the tow was actually done by only one of the pair at a time. They each had two distinctive tall banded Smit funnels at this time emitting copious amounts of smoke and were equipped with extensive radio and communications equipment.

The pair were also amongst Smit's tugs which had taken the Singapore floating dock out in two sections from the UK in 1928, itself a record at the time for such a monster.

Smit were the most skilled of all the towage and salvage Companies of the day having already safely completed over 50 such tows of these unwieldy walled caissons.

They are still regarded as such to this day.
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