Dunster Grange Engines

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Dunster Grange Engines

Post by harold2 » Sun May 05, 2019 11:06 am

The website for Dunster Grange indicates that the engines were 2 oil engines 6 cylinder 1708 NHP. This may be correct at sometime in it's life but certainly not for it's maiden voyage. I know this because my father J O Butler was "seconded" from Ruston Hornsby Engine manufacturers as Assistant Engineer for the voyage to the River Plate in Argentina. He had to become a Merchant Seaman for this purpose from 04/02/1928 to 05/04/1928 (the maiden voyage). Image He was in charge of the 4 ]Ruston Hornsby oil engines fitted to Dunster Grange each of 275 BHP. Not the 6 Cyl Fairfield engines shown on the website. This is positively confirmed by his leaving referenceImage provided to him on leaving Ruston's 20/04/1930. My father had built these engines in the factory at Ruston's but I cannot say whether he had installed them on the ship, although I think that is likely as his employment included working on sites away from the factory. I have in my possession his Merchant Seamans Discharge book, His reference from Houlder Bros (owners of Dunster Grange) shows the names of the Master and officers as signatories.Image

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Re: Dunster Grange Engines

Post by Colin Campbell » Tue May 07, 2019 7:13 pm

Hello Harold2,

Put your post of Sunday last to the powers that be.

Confirm DUNSTER GRANGE main engines were twin Fairfied-Sulzer type 6ST72 Diesel totalling about 6400bhp.


UPWEY GRANGE of 1925, with similar main engined had steam auxiliaries and refrigerate machinery.

For DUNSTER GRANGE owners went for diesel auxiliaries and refrigerate machinery.

Referred to

So presumably your Dad went with ship to monitor "new" fridge machinery Hope this clears this up. Colin

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