Vehement 1917 HMS - Destroyer

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Vehement 1917 HMS - Destroyer

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HMS Vehement
Destroyer, V Class – F.1A, F.12, H.2A
Laid down 25/9/1916 and launched by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton, Yard No 1073, on 6/7/1917. Mined in the North Sea 1/8/1918.
1100t light; 1490 deep load
95.1m x 9.4m x 3.2m
2 shaft Brown-Curtis single reduction geared turbines, 3 Yarrow boilers, oil, 27,000shp giving 34 knots.
4 x 4in 45cal QF Mk V, 1 x 3in AA, and 4 x 21in TT (2 x 2)
Crew 134

Completed 16/10/1917 with minelaying rails for 60, H or M, Sinker mines
February 1918 joined the newly formed 20th Destroyer Flotilla at Immingham for minelaying operations in the Heligoland Bight
15/4/1918 she and HMS Petard were involved in sinking ten German trawlers n the Kattegat
1/8/1918 she was on a mine laying operation in the Heligoland Bight with the Flotilla and struck a mine causing a magazine explosion which blew off the whole forward section of the ship. After the fires had been extinguished HMS Abdiel took her in tow with a view of saving the ship. However at 04.00hrs the next day her stern suddenly rose up and the tow abandoned. Her crew were taken off, her hull valves opened and then she was sunk by gunfire from Telemachus and Vanquisher. She suffered 48 casualties.
In the same incident HMS Ariel also had her bow blown off by a mine while she was attempting to leave the minefield, she sank in less than an hour.

The list of pennant numbers comes from Dittmar and Colledge. However one well known image of Vehement has the number F.5A, see below
C1 Vehement at speed.jpg
C2 Vehement moored port stern PC.jpg
C3 Vehement mine rail.JPG
Vehement starboard mine rail

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