FALLS OF CLYDE: Russell, Port Glasgow 1879

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FALLS OF CLYDE: Russell, Port Glasgow 1879

Post by Deepol » Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:53 am

This sailing ship for Breakenridge's Falls Line was launched on December 12th 1878. She was registered in February 1879 but unclear if this was also her completion.
Sold on in 1898, in 1899 she was reduced to a barque with passenger accommodation and was based at San Francisco. She then was converted to a tanker in 1907 and had a 15 year career before becoming a fuel hulk in Alaska.
In 1959 she was earmarked for preservation and restoration commenced at Honolulu in the early 1960s being completed as a museum ship in 1968.
Over the years she has suffered decline and in 2007 she closed to the public and now faces an uncertain future.
Paul Strathdee

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